The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self


The Inner Journey is a thought-provoking discussion about the evolutionary journey which leads ultimately to the source of our being. This journey describes the spiritual path which is depicted symbolically as a mountainous ascent leading to the summit of human consciousness.

Drawing on his extensive studies of the subject from ancient texts to contemporary teachings, Gary Kidgell outlines the nature of the universe and the role played by humanity in the light of the timeless spiritual truths found within Ancient Wisdom. His consideration of contemporary works include those of the transpersonal psychologist Roberto Assagioli, the pioneering depth psychologist Carl Jung, the 20th century student of myth Joseph Campbell and the pioneering esotericist Dr. Douglas Baker.

With a particular emphasis on the Jungian concept of archetypes and their representation in the human psyche through myth and symbol, Gary demonstrates his knowledge of the subject through examples and practical application.

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