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Douglas Baker, Medical Doctor, Theosophist, Occultist and International Lecturer on Esoteric subjects devoted more than 60 years in researching Man’s hidden nature, spiritual potential and the reality of the Human Soul. He was a pioneer in teaching the reality of the Soul and he developed many techniques for reaching its higher energies.
There is for every mortal, one supreme being that is his very own breitling copy best-quality watches, his daemon, his inner reality, his higher nature, his own Soul. Any susceptibility to limit the concept of the higher Self should be offset by a study of the "Three Great Truths" found in the introduction to this book. Study of this occult classic in the ‘language of the day’ will provide intuitive insight to methods for unfolding the Egoic Lotus, petal by petal, until it is opened to the full beauty of its perfection.

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