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As medical advisor for the de la Warr Laboratories, Oxford, England, Dr Douglas Baker possessed many innovative ideas in relation to the application of esoteric knowledge to areas of medical science and research. This book details the research undertaken by Dr Baker and George de la Warr in the 1960s into the effect of magnetic fields on living tissue and organs within the human body. In the 1960's, the idea that magnetism could affect living tissue was generally derided by the scientific community. IWC Replica Watches In the twenty-first century, it is now accepted that living tissue is responsive to the application of variable, low frequency magnetic fields.
Using solenoids as a method of applying magnetic fields of varying frequency to various anatomical sites, the collaborative research of these medical pioneers produced scientific evidence validating the efficacy of magnetic fields in regulating bodily functions and in alleviating a number of medical conditions. Areas here include the promotion of homeostasis; reduction of blood cholesterol; lessening of white cell count; effects on plasma proteins; influence on clotting time and hypertension.
The ground-breaking experimentation outlined in this work, allied to subsequent research, has led to the effects of magnetism upon the human body, not only being accepted but moreover to it being utilised by many natural therapists. NASA have also explored the implications of this revolutionary medical science with reference to the effects of weightlessness on astronauts and consequent changes in blood chemistry.
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