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Combining both volumes of Dr. Baker's application of astrology with the Flower Remedies of Dr Edward Bach. The Flower Remedies were originally created through the effects of the rising sun on globules of dew which lay on the surface of certain English flowers. The predisposition of the individual to certain illnesses of a psychosomatic nature is indicated in the natal chart. This book offers practitioners of the Flower Remedies insight into how they may be applied to counteract this by linking them to their astrological correspondences via the planets and their various house placements. Dr. Baker deliberately linked the repertoires to their astrological correspondences because, from his experience, the majority of practitioners using Flower Remedies are also intimately involved in their studies and research with astrology. Even the dispenser of Flower Remedies who is not an astrologer can quickly learn to identify the position of the planets in his patient's horoscope and through this simple knowledge he can select and try out the appropriate repertoire. 
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