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The treading of the spiritual path is also referred to as the ‘path of discipleship’. A disciple refers to one who undertakes spiritual disciplines. In this classic work Dr Baker outlines many important factors, guidelines and prerequisites related to the process of spiritual development. He discusses the important role of the unconscious and the superconscious in promoting what Jung described as ‘individuation’ whereby the integrated human personality may be infused by the energies of the Soul. Dr Baker also offers essential advice on ways of confronting and dealing with the Dweller on the Threshold and the purpose and the fruits of stress as one treads the spiritual path.
This book represents essential reading for anyone who seeks to undertake serious forms of spiritual development. It offers invaluable insight into the associated dynamics which occur within the human psyche as one undertakes the evolutionary journey to the source of their being. There is also a chapter devoted to the psychology of supergifted children. 
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