DOUGLAS BAKER BOOKS is the bookshop for the collected works of Dr. Douglas M. Baker. The copyright holders of Dr. Baker’s various published and unpublished works have licensed Claregate Metaphysics Group (CMG) to publish new editions of his books in both e-book versions and printed editions. 

It was Dr. Baker’s stated intention that his esoteric work be made widely available. In a career spanning more than 50 years he was supported in his esoteric philosophical endeavours by many individuals, who gave either freely of their time or who contributed financially in helping him bring to the public’s attention the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom. With this in mind, we are offering many of the e-book versions at the minimum price allowed by the various e-book retailers licensed by CMG to sell Dr. Baker’s books.

We are also offering free downloads of many of Dr. Baker’s audio and video lectures. Some of these are rare and date back to the early 1970s when he toured extensively giving one-day and weekend seminars in the major cities of America.

Dr. Douglas Baker
Dr Douglas Mackley Baker BA MRCP LCRP was born in London, England in 1922 and raised in South Africa. In 1939, at the outbreak of World War Two, he enlisted in the Natal Mounted Rifles, a regiment of the South African Army, and fought alongside the British Eighth Army in North Africa. He was badly wounded during the Battle of El Alamein and again in Italy, where his injuries put him on the critical list. The experience of war evoked in him doubts about traditional religious belief and led him to investigate the hidden facets of Man’s true nature as pondered by philosophers throughout the ages.

He graduated in Arts and Humanities in South Africa and in 1964 qualified in Medicine at Sheffield University, England. As medical advisor to the De La Warr laboratories in Oxford, he undertook research into biomagnetism and its effects on the human aura and dark matter. In conjunction with George De La Warr the results of the research were published in a book entitled Biomagnetism.

From 1969 he embarked on a series of lecture tours of the western world teaching esoteric astrology, alternative healing, esoteric psychology and theosophical subjects. In the same period, with Betty Mosely, Richard Painter and a small group of helpers, he established his own printing works. This enabled him to produce books to teach ‘esoteric science’ in the language of the day and to help fund the extensive tours. In a career spanning more than 50 years, he gave thousands of lectures and conducted hundreds of seminars on metaphysical and esoteric topics and was recognised as one of the foremost lecturers on these subjects. The International Festivals of Esoteric Science which he organised in London, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Canada and the USA attracted people from all over the world.

In 1977 he established Claregate College in Potters Bar, England, teaching the esoteric sciences as part of a systematised course of study leading towards recognised qualifications. Although the College at Potters Bar no longer exists studies can now be undertaken online. Dr Baker's extensive written esoteric works are said to be one of the largest by a single author and encompass subjects as diverse as astrology, alternative medicine, psychology and research into dark energy, dark matter and quantum physics.

In 2011, two months short of his 90th birthday, Dr Baker died peacefully at his home ‘Little Elephant’ in Hertfordshire, England.
Claregate Metaphysics Group
The Claregate Metaphysics Group is an international organisation dedicated to continuing the research work and philosophy of Dr. Douglas Baker, who dedicated his life to bringing the truths of Ancient Wisdom, through reason and science, to public awareness.

The new Claregate Correspondence Course was commissioned by Dr. Baker in 2010 to update and modernise the content of the original Claregate College course which had been running for over 30 years. It is designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in the underlying principles of Ancient Wisdom. Featuring live video and studio recordings of lectures presented by Dr Baker and the Claregate team each module is supplemented with video tutorials and study guides.

The Claregate course is an internet based teaching program and can be found on our main web site here